First Ski Base Optimizer

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Perfect Glide

A revolutionary new product
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Ski Base

When it comes to Cross Country Skiing, you’re only as good as your tools. Petter Northug is a winner because he trains hard, and he has finely tuned equipment. In order to keep his competitive edge, Petter is always searching for new ways to refine his technique and equipment, which is why the First system was developed.

First is an optimization system designed to revitalize the base of your skis and ensure a smoother, faster glide. It combines modern ergonomic design with top of the line quality. First has been thoroughly tested by some of the best skiers in the world, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.
Petter Northug - First

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Made from an ultra durable EVA foam, the cork feels great in your hand, and the velcro base ensures easy and stable attachment of our unique optimizing sheets. The sheets deliver an ultra-smooth foundation which allows wax to stick better, resulting in an optimized world- class glide. In short, the First system will give you the competitive edge that you need to take your game to a higher level.

There's a very good
reason why it's
not called Second


Petter Northug - First Sheets


Good as New

Use before Medium and Fine when needed. It quickly goes through a sealed ski base, letting you start fresh. Efficiently removes scratches and makes the skis even. Should also be used directly before stone grinding to optimize the result.


Perfect Structure

Reduce the existing structure and round off the edges of the base for low mechanical friction.


Long-lasting Glide

Always use before applying wax to remove micro hairs and round off the tips of the structure. Ensures low mechanical friction and creates an optimal surface for your glider.